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5 Technology Trends Shaping Customer Experiences


Oracle, a global leader in Customer Experience / CX, is offering our group this new eBook:

“5 Data-Driven Tech Trends Shaping Customer Experience”.

Here is the link:

The Problem


Last year’s expert predictions of where customer experience would be headed in 2017 are already materialising.  It is obvious that the explosion of new technologies is changing customer experience development and delivery - as well as influencing rising customer expectations.

There are now new standards for enterprise businesses on how to deliver the ultimate customer experience. If you don’t embrace these, your organisation is facing the risk of becoming irrelevant.


The eBook


If you’re a Customer Experience leader, this eBook is for you.  It shares the 5 prominent, data-driven trends today, that are transforming the customer experience, and helping organisations exceed customer demands.


In this report, you will discover:


  • How Mobile continues to intensify “micro-moments”;

  • How to use Artificial Intelligence to create a 360-degree customer view;

  • How to use Chatbots in a “self-serve” way to connect with customers immediately;

  • How IoT enables you to gain faster customer insights;

  • And many more CX insights.


Please note, this eBook is complimentary to members of our group, Networking Australia (Only!).


You can download the report here:



P.S. For those of you who download the eBook, you will notice that Oracle is also offering a complimentary Forrester Report, “Navigate The Future Of CRM”.  You will identify the top trends to consider when designing your CRM strategies.